Marissa Lee is a dancing dream from Chandler, AZ with a passion for living!

This tattooed nudist has been getting ink for over a decade and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Marissa’s body modification journey began early; in junior high – she had “crazy” hair, facial piercings and scored her first tattoo. A true rebel child, her first tattoo 4:20 lies underneath her now beautiful rose bush! Against the stoner stigma, Marissa graduated High School at age 16; now she plans to obtain a Degree in Public Health.

A model and adult entertainer for the past 6 years, a love for INK has brought her back to the modeling scene with a vengeance. This year she has already shot with photographers Keith Selle, Michael Stycket, Mannon Pictures and Mischief Productions. Her latest tattoo work is from award winning AZ artists at Fifth Finger Studio; this year Marissa began her first sleeve, with artwork by the talented Antonio Garcia in Glendale.

Marissa is truly a tattooed muse on a mission – Keep your eyes open.

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