Tell us your name: Hailey Dollar

How would you best describe yourself? extra and dynamic would be the best words to describe me. I’ve always seen myself as an outcast. As a kid I was never accepted by the vanilla popular girls for being too weird and I was too sparkly for the classic emo alternative girls. As an adult I’m not sure I couldnt get any weirder than being a professional fetish model and performer, but I have the rest of my life ahead of me to make questionable decisions to embarrass my children with later. I’m a badasss veteran momma who will literally do anything for my family.

How many tattoos do you have and is there a theme to them? I have twenty individual pieces scattered everywhere from the inside of my mouth to the top of my feet. There isn’t really a theme but I feel like it’s a very visible documentary of all the good and bad decisions I’ve made in my life. Each tattoo represents a time in my life and no matter if they’re beautiful, tasteful, or just silly I like to sit back occasionally and fall back on mans original thought of “what the fuck was I thinking”.

Your favorite tattoo and the story behind it? I have a lot of amazing work from all over the US, but my favorite is the one I got last Valentine’s Day. There was a sailor Jerry parody flash wall and once I saw a little heart with a banner exclaiming “butt slut” I fell in love. It’s right next to the proud rooster I have as a tramp stamp. I like to keep it classy.

Your future tattoo plans? Honestly I want to get a sick bootyhole tattoo so that way If all of the aspects of my professional life come crashing down I can still be a very recognizable stripper. Butthole tattoos make you immortal. But at the end of the day I’d love to get my face tattooed eventually.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently? I was going to a routine drs appointment and sitting in the waiting area with my oldest daughter when she pointed and exclaimed “mommy there’s a baby in that woman’s belly.” If looks could kill I’d be dead because unfortunately the woman wasn’t pregnant.

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Of course! I’m a firm believer that he’s a regular at the gentleman’s club I work at. He’s a terrible tipper, smells like cheese, and has awful taste in women.


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