for everyone asking about more episodes! theyre coming VERY soon. better than ever! we already filmed. waiting on edits so be on the look out! please follow my other accounts below to stay updated!

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▷ About Spin For Ink
Welcome to my new tattoo game show “Spin For Ink,” hosted by me, Romeo Lacoste: Tattoo Artist! In each episode, a contestant looking for a new tattoo will compete in a series of extreme challenges to earn their ink. In Round 1, contestants must play pictionary while only being able to use their nose to draw. In Round 2 we’re going full on fear factor daring the contestant to eat strange and gross foods. Finally in Round 3, we are quizzing the contestant on trivia about me, Romeo Lacoste, and a few of my fellow YouTube friends that might drop by. With each round the contestant has a chance to win green and red triangles to be inserted into a wheel that is spun to decide the fate of their tattoo journey. If it lands on green you get your dream tattoo, but if it lands on red, we pick the tattoo and where it goes. Are you ready to get inked?!

▷ About Romeo Lacoste
What up guys? I’m Romeo Lacoste and I’m tattoo Artist and Youtuber based out of LA. I have tattooed celebrities from Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande to youtube personalities like Tyler Oakley, O2L (keep an eye out for JC Caylen and Kian Lawley haha) and the Janoskians. I was a contestant on Best Ink season 3 which aired worldwide and I, along with my work, have been featured in multiple international magazines! I upload new videos every week, so if you interested in getting inked, how to get a tattoo, or tattoo ideas, my channel is for you! From tattoo drawings, day in the life vlogs, YouTube challenges, to friends getting new ink or inked for the first time I’ve got you covered. I create tattoos for men and I create tattoos for women, I’m not at all particular. Join the movement and SUBSCRIBE.

Finally if you’re interested in snagging some custom ink by me, you can book an appointment on my site THANK YOU!

▷About Maker Studios SPARK:
The Maker Studios SPARK program invites creators to collaborate with Maker Studios to pitch original concepts that could be developed into series or cross-platform franchises, with the strongest of the concepts “greenlit” for production with support from Maker. In just a few short months, Maker selected and collaborated with dozens of creators for the inaugural Maker Studios SPARK class, and also provided creator support for more than 100 additional concepts, enabling creators to make content on their own.

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