Boston-based alt-rock outfit Major Moment premieres the lyric video for “Another Illusion” on Tattoo.

“Another Illusion” is one of four new singles Major Moment recently recorded with producer Kevin Billingslea and six-time Grammy Winner Adam Ayan.

According to vocalist Andrey Borzykin, “Considering the destructive messages modern pop culture carelessly brings to society, we feel it’s our social responsibility to deliver an alternative message. One of love, trust, believing in ourselves and supporting one another.”

Made up of Andrey Borzykin (vocals, guitar), Alexandra Razumova (vocals, keyboards), and Adam Soucy (drums), essentially the band is international in scope: two Russian-born vocalists/musicians and an American drummer.

The band’s debut EP, one small stEP, released in 2018, was a tribute to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, and garnered international attention, setting the band up to perform at the 2019 Winter NAMM show.

“Another Illusion” opens on gentle, elegant keyboards topped by Borzkin’s soft, whispery tones. Just when you think this is an indulgent electro-pop tune, the harmonics ramp up to wall-of-sound alt-rock levels, infusing the tune with radiant, iridescent energy. Gorgeous vocal harmonies suffuse the chorus, attaining an almost choir-like effulgence of tight colors and surging timbres.

Rhythmically, the tune starts on a light syncopated beat and gathers potency as the harmonics mousse up, taking on buff, skintight force. I love the sparkling piano as it accents the glow of the guitars, adding warm luminous colors to the mid-range resonance of the gleaming guitars.

Borzykin’s velvety susurrating voice imbues the lyrics with tantalizing, captivating sonic magic.

“I know it’s not that easy / To see things for what they are / Not how we always thought they’d be / To live your  life and feel time / As it slips through your fingers / It’s taking you away from me.”

“Another Illusion” is superbly evocative, streaming on gossamer filaments of color that achieve muscular radiance and undulating textures.

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