“The Starman” is the title of the new music video from Lord Sonny the Unifier. The song is from Lord Sonny’s forthcoming album, Final Notice!, slated to drop April 12.

Final Notice! has been described as “think ‘70s Bowie and Lemmy meet a 21st Century motorcycle club, dirty synth guitar rock with softer outer space psychedelic edges.” The album pays tribute to the music of the ‘70s.

According to Lord Sonny the Unifier, “Capturing that spirit of Realness is a very important part of this music; to honor the greats before us and to pay homage to them and to the Spirit of music for the sake of its’ original and basic truth; to sing from the soul, of the soul and to communicate with this universal language to the universe of humanity with no distractions other than its’ own poetic aims.”

Lord Sonny the Unifier is the brainchild of Gregory Jiritano, who started playing guitar when he was 8-years-old, formed his first band when he was 12, and was performing in NYC bars by the time he was 16. When he was 18, Jiritano decided to do his own thing, concentrating on his own musical projects instead of other people’s music.

Forming a new band, Jiritano and company worked on experimental music for six years, recording in a mountain studio in Massachusetts. None of the music was released, as the band dissipated.  Later, when Jiritano was readying the music for release, fate laid waste to Jiritano’s studio, engulfing it in flames. The music was lost.

Rather than give up, Jiritano moved forward on a new project, hooking up with drummer Carmine Covelli, and keyboard wizard Tyler Wood. They soon added bassist Derek Nievergelt to the lineup. Lord Sonny the Unifier lived!

“The Starman” opens on a plangent piano followed by the entrance of the guitars and rhythm section. The rolling rhythm rides a potent bassline and scrumptious percussion, as the tasty retro melody emanates dark and light colors. There’s a strong psychedelic element to the harmonics, full of shimmering, phantasmagoric hues and baying accents.

Jiritano’s rasping tenor infuses the lyrics with tight drawling tension and retro flavors.

The video depicts the arrival of a Starman, whose arrival herald’s the planet’s final notice – change your ways or face the consequences.

With “The Starman,” Lord Sonny the Unifier delivers a contagious retro melody, along with a cogent rhythm and tasty vocals.

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