Betty Moon recently released a new music video, entitled “Save My Soul.” The song is from Moon’s impending album, Hellucination, scheduled for release April 20.

A song about redemption, “Save My Soul” speaks to not only spiritual emancipation, but also to physical and emotional deliverance.

Moon explains the song, saying, “Doesn’t everyone feel like they need saving? Our world is in chaos and America is filled with hatred and animosity. Nobody is excluded here, there is some massive change with more love and empathy needed for this world to become a better place.”

Spanning eight albums, Moon’s career began in Toronto, when A&M’s artists and repertoire group heard about a talented singer-songwriter selling thousands of homemade records to eager fans. A&M found her and signed her. Her name was Betty Moon, and she proved to be beau coup talented, scoring international success, including four hits from her 2017 album, Chrome – “Natural Disaster,,” “Sound,” “ Life Is But A Dream,” and “Parachute.”

“Save My Soul” opens on trembling synths and a cogent rhythm pulsing with visceral measured momentum. The contagious electro-pop savor of the tune glows with shimmering, supple hues radiating yummy textures.

Moon’s voice, seething with tumescent sensuality, exudes alluring timbres gilded with gleaming surfaces and deliciously penetrating tones.

Shot in Hollywood and the Leo Carrillo Beach in Malibu, the video presents the inarticulate cries of utter desolation from two different women, both pushing shopping carts. One woman’s cart brims with every conceivable brand of breakfast cereal. The other’s cart contains the accumulated meager wealth of a street person. Both women require redemption: one from indecision and the cold grasp of prosperity, the other from suffocating poverty.

In the end, one of them, the street woman, discovers salvation in the presence of an angel on the beach. Her transition is moving and appropriately miraculous.

“Save My Soul” is wonderfully evocative, both visually and sonically, allowing Betty Moon to strut her marvelous voice atop a luminous arrangement.

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