SullenTV presents Fresh Paint with tattoo artist and painter, Carlos Torres. Carlos talks about his influences and hardships on his journey to be a highly skilled oil painter. Subscribe and share.,,,, ,,

Carlos Torres has been tattooing for about 15 years. He remembers the day he brought home his first machine and how excited he was. Mostly self taught, he worked at a couple of tattoo shops before he got his big break at So. Cal Tattoo in San Pedro, CA. It was there he learned the most and started to perfect his tattoo portfolio. Specializing in Black & Gray realism, he loves doing all tattoos, color, portraits, etc. He began painting about 7 years ago and has a deep passion for it. At times he doesn’t even have time to hang out because he wants to go home and paint. He has painted the poster/banner for the Ink-n-Iron Tattoo Festival in Long Beach, CA for the past 4 years and just painted the poster for the Denmark, Copenhagen Tattoo Convention. Carlos works and owns Timeline Gallery in San Pedro, CA. It is there where he is afforded the time to travel and do conventions worldwide. Carlos is a worldwide multi-award winner; ranging from small/large black & gray to large back pieces. He has been in numerous publications worldwide and for those who know him describe him as an easy going guy. He loves his family above all else. We are very proud of his accomplishments and we look forward to his future success.

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