Sullen TV Presents “Portfolio Peek” with Franco Vescovi; owner of Vatican Studios in Lake Forest, CA!,,,,,,,,

Franco Vescovi was a normal neighborhood kid who grew up in a family of seven near Central and Bristol in southwest Santa Ana, California. His family grew up free of luxuries but never free of good times. Growing up with five brothers and sisters and no money, a healthy imagination became the source for fun in the Vescovi household, with the creation of homemade toys, homemade tetherball courts, and Hefty trash bag slip-and-slides. Franco has been tattooing for the past 21 years and is best known for his black and grey tattoo work. Franco’s self-training method of tattooing is the epic example of a catch-22. Many others have learned similarly as Franco, which was the best way to learn for his particular environment and mindset. Starting the humble way not only forced Franco to learn how to tattoo, but put in all the effort he had within himself. Such a method strong-armed Franco into paying attention to every bit of detail in the artwork. “Tattooing with a single needle makes you feel like you’re tattooing under a magnifying glass.” Currently, Franco owns and operates the infamous Bishop Rotary tattoo machine as well as owning Vatican Studios in Lake Forest, CA.

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