Sullen TV Presents “Portfolio Peek” with Latisha Wood of Vatican Studios in Lake Forest, CA. Latisha Wood is an artist that specializes in high end tattoos, fine art, custom high heels as well as custom paint jobs for motorcycles.,,,,,,,,

Everyone is gifted with talents. Some of us find them at different times in our lives. To me my life grew as my work did. I truly have always felt closely in my heart that I was meant to be a custom culture artist from the day I was born. – Latisha Wood

I grew up in southern California until I was thirteen when my large family and I moved to the east coast to live in Connecticut. My dream was to move back to California where I was born and plant my feet as a west cost artist. I could learn the trade of tattooing and I could continue my custom painting business. After all the west coast in the Mecca of custom culture art. This is where I belonged if I wanted to find my ultimate happiness in life. I picked up a two and a half year apprenticeship in Orange County California with a well established self taught tattoo artist known as Franco Vescovi. I ultimately worked under sixteen different tattoo artists from all different walks of life. The halls of Orange County Inkhouse California was far crawl from the University of Hartford. For me this underground lifestyle was part of becoming a tattoo artist, And i embarrassed it; it wasn’t much different than all the bikers i knew! They were rebels that loved art, art for the skin, for the canvas, and for the streets. I fell in love with the cold hearts of Southern California. There was a darker side of life that lived in that tattoo studio, for me it had to become somewhere new for me to gather strength and inspiration from. This was clearly seen in my obsession with the “Crying Mary” art and skeleton girls I created through this time in my life. The men that worked closest with me realized that we needed a better place to create our art. We knew our abilities in art were destined for more than your typical walk in tattoo shop. We picked up and moved on starting a new chapter for our lives and created our private tattoo studio where we work at today. Vatican Studios in a private shop that is filled with a small handful of very uniquely creative artists. I work at the Vatican tattooing and I also create art in my private studio at home. I am my happiest working on my art projects. I have finally made my dream come true.

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