Sullen TV and host Bernadette Macias caught up with some amazing artists such as: Josh Duffy, Mike DeMasi, Mario Rosena, Carl Grace, Gunnar, Ryan Mullins, and Jime Litwalk at the First stop of the Rockstar Energy Inked Up World Tour Detroit – part 2. Check it out and Subscribe Now!

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Josh Duffy: I was born an artist. I have tried to escape from what I am many times and always ended up with a pencil or brush in my hand. I have been around art my entire life, and making a great living off of it has never been a question for me. All of my family, including my mom, dad, stepdad, and my brother are all amazing artists, and work hard at what they do to be the best. I have that same drive instilled in me. I wouldn’t be doing what I do without the two biggest inspirations in my life, Family (and friends), and HEAVY METAL!

Mike DeMasi: Tattoo Artist at Art Junkies Tattoo Studio. Yoda, the nickname awarded by some of Mike DeMasi’s closest friends, is much more like the fictional character than one would think. Early on you could tell there was something very different about him. He was humble, quiet and a student of his craft. Art Junkies Tattoo Studio opened at the end of 2001, a place, whereas Mike would say, would be different and a place of learning. Mike would argue this statement that he is still the student trying out new things, trying to make himself better, but one does not give yourself the title of master, it is your peers that do.

Mario Rosena: Co-owner of Art Junkies and creator of Stencil Stuff. Some call Mario a ‘Mad Sentience’ Mario is always thinking of ways to improve himself as an artist, in doing so he has not only made change in himself he has changed the entire tattoo industry. If it wasn’t for Mario inventive way of thinking we would all still be sticking on our stencils with deodorant. Mario’s Stencil Stuff products have forever changed the way every tattoo is done today. Mario has been tattooing for the past 10 + years.

Carl Grace is originally from LA. His artistic style was influenced early by a youth spent in placement homes, camps, jail, and prison. He began tattooing in 1998 with a tattoo apprenticeship under Boston John at Skin Grafix in Arcadia, California. Since 2009, Carl has attended over 100 tattoo conventions as an artist and has been a featured guest artist in many tattoo shops around the country. He won his first award at the Tucson Tattoo Exposition in 2010.

Gunnar was born in New Britain, Connecticut in 1974 and grew up in the “Constitution State beginning his professional tattoo career in 1997. By the time he opened Gods and Monsters Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, Gunnarʼs award-winning work was highly sought-after around the world and he had established himself as a leader in the “New School” tattoo movement. In 2009, he returned to Ohio so that he could spend more time with his daughters and begin the next chapter in his artistic journey. When he is not on the road, Gunnar makes his home at High Street Tattoo in Columbus, where his drive to grow as a tattooist and artist continues, as is evidenced in his original, bold, and avant-garde designs across each medium he delves into.

With Integrity, iron will and perseverance, Ryan Mullins is taking the scene by storm . Tattooing only since 2010 he has already inspired and motivated Tattooer’s and Painters from around the globe. Living a drug free Straight Edge lifestyle his hard work and dedication to his art is definitely reflected in the amazing drawings and paintings that he produces. Tattooing has become a rite of passage to him and become second nature; he strives for excellence and puts 100% into everything he creates. The heart of a lion and his positive attitude has already makes him one of the elite group of artist that will surely influence many for years to come.

Traveling the globe, Jime Litwalk has gained worldwide recognition for his unique animated style of tattooing. He’s a husband and father of two great kids. Currently working in Orlando, FL at Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. & Steadfast Brand.

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