Check out SullenTV’s Tattoo Convention Coverage the Rockstar Energy Sullen Clothing Inked Up World Tour Stop 4 in Frankfurt Germany with Featured Artist Andy Engel!

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Andy Engel likes to tattoo all kinds of styles since 1994. He is always keen on satisfying the customers´ wishes. Because of his interest his visits too many national and also international tattoo conventions and the constant process of learning made it possible for Andy to gain much experience, to receive compliments from other tattoo artists and also to win a lot of prizes. In Germany and across Europe, Andy is known mainly as a specialist for photorealistic portraits, but he knows every other style as well. He is not only a member of “DOT e.V.” (Deutsche organisierte Tätowierer e.V. registered association of German tattoo artists), but also a member of the board of management of this association. He also is blogger for the DMAX website since august 2009 and blogs regularly articles about shop life.

Remis Tattoo has enjoyed the art of drawing ever since he was an adolescent. Then when he got his first tattoo, a simple initial done on the inside of his arm by his cousin, he was instantly drawn to the idea of applying his art to skin. He like the allusion of the tattoo being a painting and being a part of a persons skin. After that he began to research how to be a tattoo artist. He wasn’t sure if he needed to attend college or courses but he was determined to learn. It was a year after this while he was doing a barman course in Kaunas city that he got an apprenticeship after they saw his artwork. Remis stayed there for 3 years before going to Spain to further his art. At this point in his career he now had about 10 years of experience, a steady clientele list as well as a nice new studio in Dublin, Ireland.

Domantas Parvainias was born December 26, 1988 and is a talented tattooer based in Siauliai, Lithuania. He has only been tattooing for 2 years and specializes in realistic and black and grey work. Domantas Parvainias is currently tattooing at Totemas Tattoo.

Daniel Vogt Art has been tattooing since 2010. He is co-owner of Soulmate Tattoo (Aachen/Germany) with his sister Alex. Soulmate was founded to bring you your desires under the skin with the headline of “Respect/Dedication/Loyalty.” Daniel predominantly works with realistic motifs, preferably in Black and Grey, but he also likes color. He looks forward to any beautiful or crazy idea you may have for your tattoo.

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