Check out SullenTV’s Tattoo Convention Coverage the Rockstar Energy Sullen Clothing Inked Up World Tour Stop 4 in Frankfurt Germany with Moni Marino, Tattoo Ish, Ganso Galvão and Červená Fox!

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Moni Marino’s tattoo career started in Italy in 1993 at the young age of 14. “The very, very first time—before using the tattoo machine that my father gave me—I used a sewing needle, thread, and Pelikan ink. I wrapped the thread around the needle tip, and after wetting the ink I tattooed the letter “M” on my wrist by doing the needle points close together. I am lucky to have wonderful clients who trust me and listen to me. It is important before starting a session that the customer is rested and has eaten enough. A session of seven to eight hours requires a lot of mental and physical strength.” Moni Marino has over 20 years of experience tattooing and her full color tattoo art work is unique, creative and completely original. Moni puts her heart and soul into every tattoo.

ISH was born on a small Island in the Caribbean called Curacao. This Island is part of the Netherlands Antilles, which is a Dutch Colony from the country Holland. Only have a couple years under his belt; ISH is a self-taught Artist. His Artistic Foundation transcends from various forms of Education, Culinary Arts, Architecture education, Surreal Art, Digital Art, Airbrushing and many more. Ish has also studied the techniques of Salvador Dali, Rembrandt, DaVinci and Micheal Angelo among many others. For now his true calling lies in the Art of Tattooing. Ish Specializes in realism, either color or Black and Grey. Most of his work is custom, freehand and involves a lot of preparation by the Collectors part and by ISH, as he calls it a “Collaboration by the Individuals involved”

Ganso Galvão Tattoo Artist: Realistic colour and black and gray. He enjoys traveling and is originally from Brazil. He is currently in one of three places: on the road, Rio de Janeiro or Brisbane.

Červená Fox: I’m a freelance model originally from Milton Keynes but I re-located to London in 2010 to further my career oppertunities. I specialise in latex, fetish, alternative and implied nude modelling but am always happy to try different genres. I’m known for my trademark red hair and extensive tattoos. I started modelling in 2008 when I finished school. Originally I just wanted to increase my confidence but discovered a passion and ability I didn’t know I had. Since then I have worked hard and increased both my confidence and experience, I now consider myself an accomplished and experienced model.

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