Check out the conclusion to SullenTV’s Tattoo Convention Coverage of the 2014 Rockstar Energy Inked Up World Tour Frankfurt Germany as our host Bernadette Macias talks with Randy Engelhard, Florian Karg, Sullen Angel Makani Terror, and Chris Block.


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Featured Tattoo by Chris Block


I’m Randy Engelhard and I tattoo since August 2001. First I was employed, but since 2005 I’ve got my shop: “Heaven of Colours”. I specialized in colour-realistic-tattoos and I’m widely guided by my role models Boris, Mike De Vries, and Roman Abrego. Since a couple years ago, I attend international tattoo trade fairs and also work as a guest tattoer, f.i. in California, Las Vegas, Australia, Moscow, etc. Therefore, my schedule book is really tight and it might be a little tricky to catch a free appointment, but I can tell you, your efforts will be rewarded ☺”Cheers Randy”

Florian Karg is a realism artist that leans towards the darker art. He takes his paintings and turns them into tattoos on the skin. He currently lives and works in Germany.

Makani terror: (Kadi) I was born an only child in a small town called Duderstadt . The years of self-discovery passed quickly . On the path of wrong turns I made an aborted photographer training, a high school and a 1.5 -year-old philosophy and the study of history behind me. But nothing should me made to last and a renewed desire for change put me in constant flux . In 2004 I finally got the chance to expand one of my passions into a career and abolvierte so in a hamburger tattoo and piercing studio my 1.5 year training piercer . Shortly thereafter, I moved to the Ruhr Valley, where he spent five years as a piercer and girls for everything. Incidentally, I discovered the other side of the camera , the scenery , the realization. From the photographer to the tattoo model. Today I run with my friend and tattoo artist Chris Block at the tattoo studio ” Fallout Tattoo” in central Hesse, where you are welcome anytime! Makani is a Sullen Angel currently living in Germany.

Chris Block: In 1984, I saw the light of day in southern Hesse. Drawing has always been a part of my life and one of the few for which I was able to inspire me during my early years. My first PC I got at the age of 7 years and from now on I found over the years more and more the way to digital image processing (Composing, retouching, textile design, advertising). In parallel, a growing interest in tattoos and their culture during a rebellious youth. Own came quickly and the fascination grew with each session. One day, fate has finally found me and I seized my chance of mouse pixels on coil machines and ink to upgrade – something I now do better liked than the digital world. Having spent several years in NRW, life leads me back to Hesse. Chris currently tattoos at Fallout Tattoo in Germany.

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