SullenTV was in Florida for the 2014 Tattoo Mania West Palm Beach Expo and caught up with artists such as TattooIsh, Johnny Quintana, Rember Orellana, and Cesar Morales!


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TattooISH was born on a small Island in the Caribbean called Curacao. With only a couple of years under his belt…!! ISH is a self-taught Artist. His Artistic Foundation transcends from various forms of Education, Culinary Arts, Architecture education, Surreal Art, Digital Art, Airbrushing and many more. Even your normal daily things would inspire him and also help him in the creation of these Amazing Pieces of Art called Tattoo. A Permanent Stain that will last a lifetime. Ish has also studied the techniques of Salvador Dali, Rembrandt, DaVinci and Micheal Angelo among many others. For now his true calling lies in the Art of Tattooing. Ish Specializes in realism, either color or Black and Grey. Most of his work is custom, freehand and involves a lot of preparation by the Collectors part and by ISH, as he calls it a “Collaboration by the Individuals involved.”

Johnny Quintana was born on April 6, 1979 in San Bernandino, California. His family then moved to Guanajuato, Mexico, where he lived for the first ten years of his life. Most of Johnny’s early works and drawings reflect the colorful and diverse Mexican culture: The people, their homes, market places, fields, churches, and towns. Drawing and painting were constant companions throughout his school years. Art became his constant outlet for expression. For most of his life, he has concentrated on art and as he gained experience he began to develop further interest for design. Johnny eventually moved back to California, where he studied and graduated from the Visual Arts and Design Academy at Pasadena High School in 1997. While attending the Academy he further developed his skills in figure drawing, illustration, rendering, computer graphics, fine arts, medical illustration, and sculpture. Many opportunities emerged from his natural talent and the experience he gained. During his senior year, he was a graphic design curator for an art exhibit called “Careers in Art” and in 1996, he was accepted to the California State Summer School for the Arts at “Cal Arts” in Valencia. Following high school, Johnny continued to develop and experiment with his skills and decided to take a crucial step in his career, he applied to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and was accepted. He graduated in 2005 fulfilling a Bachelor in Fine Art in the field of Illustration. Johnny’s overall life experience, technical training, natural ability and experimentation allow him to be an artist with vast skills. His personality and knowledge allows him to adapt to anything a project may ask of him. Eventually Johnny would like to teach so he can pass on his skills to up and coming artists. Presently, Johnny is a working artist who lives to express himself in true form, presenting his unlimited vision to the world.

Rember Orellana: Born in Guatemala, and later moving to the U.S. to attend High School, a career as a Tattoo Artist was something that I had never anticipated. I’ve always had a love for art, and have always enjoyed drawing and painting. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to some really great artist in the beginning, whom I would watch very closely, and feel that I learned a lot from. Although I have had no formal apprenticeship, being around this group of people really motivated me to strive to reach the next level. I quickly learned the basics of tattooing, how to put together and take apart the tattoo machines, what kind of ink to use, what kind of needles to use, etc. I attended a few private art classes. That really helped me to understand more of the artistic side of this industry. I would describe my style as surrealistic/gothic. My style involves a lot of realism, but I like to incorporate different abstract elements to my work, mainly gothic architecture. I love it when a client comes to me with a basic idea, but is open for me to incorporate my own ideas and style. I am based out of Dallas, Texas, but I try to travel and do as many shows and guest spots as I can. In my spare time I enjoy drawing, painting, traveling and spending as much time as I can with my wife and two children.

Cesar Morales is an artist from South Florida, who lived in Georgia for a time. He now owns 1000 Virgins Tattoo Studio. He specializes in black & grey realism, including but not limited, to portraits.

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