SullenTV sat down with Black and Grey tattoo artist, Christian Nguyen. Christian’s is well known for his script and signature skulls.,,,,,,,,
Christian NGUYEN was born in 1975 in Geneva, Switzerland (Europe). He studied in his hometown and finished his secondary degree in 1993.
Christian NGUYEN speaks fluent French and English and is a Swiss citizen.
Christian NGUYEN raises his children while pursuing his professional career as a world-reknown tattoo artist.
His main interests are graphic design, music, snowboarding and of course, tattoos.
Fascinated by tattoos from an early age; Christian NGUYEN developed his skills as a draftsman in school and got his first tattoo as a teenager.
He began his professional career in 1992 and has never stopped since.
His vast experience in the field as well as his contacts and reputation has brought him, to Denmark, France, Holland, Japan and even the U.S where he tattoos regularly.
For several years now he has been working in his own studio as well « Inkvaders » in Geneva.
With a broad fan-base all over Europe, the waiting time for an appointment can be well over a month.
Christian NGUYEN has a varied and faithful group of customers of all ages and from, all walks of life. Having made a strong reputation for himself in the snowboard world his customers include:
Jules Raymond, Mick Deschenaux, Romain de Marchi, Tonton Holland ou encore Trevor Andrew.
His many trips as well as his presence at numerous conventions have allowed him to also have regular customers from, the world of show business such as Ceekay (La Coka Nostra, Skamdust), Dj Naughty J (NTM), John Otto (Limp Bizkit) and Trouble Andrew.

Christian NGUYEN’s reputation has gone beyond the boundaries of tattoos into the realm of illustration. His talent is widely recognized and a number of important winter wear companies have requested his work (Apo snowboard, Burton snowboard, Imperium snowboard, Ninthward skis, Tns industries and also Vans).
Record labels have called upon him as well and he has illustrated both covers and designs for groups such as Ceekay Jones, House of Pain, La Coka Nostra and The Vendetta.
Finally he has offered his illustration talents to events like the Belfort tattoo Convention, and companies like Black Market, Nothing Changed Wear or Sullen Clothing.

The media has been following him closely during his career; from local press to international news; tattoo magazines; street wear magazines and local television coverage of his work both as a tattoo artist and as an illustrator.
Freeway, Inked, Max, Onboard magazine, Skin&Ink, Tatouage magazine, Tattoo life or even Tätowier magazine have had large spreads presenting his work and career.

Christian NGUYEN has a number of important projects in the works: enlarge his Geneva studio; participate in more tattoo conventions; collaborate with street wear and street art brands and mostly develop Inkvaders Wear his street wear company created in 2008 with Graphiti art (graffiti & design) and Florien Cavalleri (tv & media expert).

Christian NGUYEN goals are first of all to represent the worlds of tattoo; Hip-Hop and Hardcore cultures in the contemporary fashion industry. And in parallel to collaborate with groups like La Coka Nostra and artists like Robert Atkinson, Terry Ribera, Greg Laraigne to create limited editions of artifacts; clothing and print.

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