Sullen TV and Stencil Stuff present “Tattoo Timelapse with Latisha Woods” of Vatican Studios in Lake Forest, CA. SullenTV was at Musink 2013 and captured this amazing tattoo by Latisha. Great Black and Grey piece.
“I love creating art for Custom rides, motorcycles, cars, custom tattoos, custom high heels, and jus for fun I enjoy body painting! I love ripen on metal and looove everything with flakes, metallic’s, chameleons, gold, silver, and even lil diamond gems!! 🙂 I love and admire all my fellow artists and friends from the past and now the present! I love my moms, my pops from heaven, my bros, my sistas and this life I have been given! Most of all I love sharing it all with the people that surround my world!!”
Much Luv – Latish Wood,,,, ,,

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