SullenTV and Eternal ink present ‘Under the Skin’ featuring Jeremiah Barba of Outer Limits Tattoo in Long Beach , Ca, the oldest shop in America, and soon to open Live Once Tattoo in Orange, Ca.,,,,,,,,
MUSIC by All Else Fails (AEF),

Jeremiah Barba’s portfolio is truly an international affair, with his dark style blowing the minds of thousands of people all over the world. Jeremiah Barba has been a well-respected, talented tattooist for over 15 years, traveling to some of the Best conventions in the world. He is the son of legendary tattoo artist Kari Barba, proprietor of Outer Limits Tattoo. His mother is a 30- year veteran in the industry who has won over 400 awards for her work, and exposure to so much talent and success has prepared Jeremiah for his aspiring career that lied ahead. He has tattooed the likes of Kerry King (Slayer) to Actress Evan Rachel Wood. Daniel Graham, Lonie Paxton(Denver Broncos) Dan Koppen, Sammy Morris (New England Patroits)as well as other NFL players. Also a few of Pro BMX’s riders as well such as: Cory Nastazio, Heath Pinter, Luke Parslow, Ryan Guettler and Stephen Murray of the Jeremiah has a bright future ahead of him and his collection of over 60 awards and counting he looks forward to what comes his way. He is fortunate enough to have customers who appreciate his custom art work, and he works closely with his clients to plan tattoos that ideally, he loves as much as his client.”I try to steer my clients into a piece of work that is not only what they want, but also is a reflection of my accumulated knowledge and tastes as an artist. While he generally works closely with his clients while they plan their artwork, he enjoys when his clients allow him to do a piece that is 100% his own artwork and his own idea.

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