SullenTV and Eternal Ink present Under the Skin with Tattoo Ish, tattooing in Los Alamitos, CA.
Ish was born on a Small Island in the Caribbean called Curacao a Dutch colony from The European Country of Holland.

Ish is a very talented self-taught artist excelling in all mediums, his true calling for now lies in the art of tattooing. He credits his father for explaining him at an early age how important it is to in vision everything that you want to achieve and just try to learn everything that you want to learn and the rest will fall into place.

The Skateboarding scene was also a big influence for him at that time.

Ish’s experience as a professional illustrator even though is not so long it seemed like a natural transition into tattooing. He has also has a Masters Degree in Culinary Arts. Working for Mayor Corporation as An Executive Chef and Also Helping new Companies with Logistic in the Culinary Industry.

After Moving from South America to his native Island Curacao, And the passing away of his Father and Sister he Decided that it was time for him to Pursue his Dream of Becoming a Professional Tattoo Artist. He spends a whole year studying Tattooing procedures and it was after 2004 that he thought it was time to do the real stuff.

Ish has tremendous respect for his personal influences: Artists like Joe Victor Portugal, Shanne Oneil, Paul Booth, Guy Atkhinson, Bob Tyrrell, Joshua Carlton, and Robert Hernandez, just to name a few!

Ish style transcends from Traditional Japanese, Abstract to realism, and specially anything that involves the use of the Body Anatomy to enhance the tattoo itself.,

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