From Gothenburg, Sweden, The Other Life recently dropped “Moody,” available in three different versions: the original and two remixes by Operator S and John Gary.

The other life states, “This music began as an effort to cross the overcast, melancholy distortion of early post-punk bands like Joy Division with a modern club-style beat. The song is less about actual moodiness and more about honesty and how often we have to pretend.”

According to The Other Life from behind his doctor’s mask, worn at all public appearances and performances:

“The song isn’t so much about looking moody as it is about being honest. It’s about not removing the ketchup bottle from the dinner photo, about saying how much you’ll enjoy your holiday during the coffee break even though your boss is present.”

The work of a single musician, The Other Life prefers not to reveal any information about itself, feeling the music should be the focus of attention. The Other Life’s sound blends the energy of post-punk with the posh dynamism of contemporary dance music, thus advancing further into unexplored sonic realms.

“Moody” opens on an austere kick-drum, pounding with forceful thumps, flowing into a pulsing EDM beat attended by new wave synth colors. There’s a sharp edge, almost angular, to the hues and tones of the tune, giving it a tight tension. Spacey industrial accents make-up the solo section, imbuing the tune with futuristic psychedelic textures, along with taut gleaming surfaces.

A leitmotif surges throughout the song’s harmonic progression, assuming various flavors and tonal aspects, as the retro-sounding keyboards inject the music with tinny, metallic emanations and higher-pitched pulsations of color. When the song approaches culmination, the industrial-futuristic elements take control, pervading the music with robotic ambiance.

Oda Sanders provides the vocals on the track, full of reedy textures and penetrating projection.

“Moody” delivers a powerful beat, streaming retro flavors, and swirling swooshing colors traveling on a melody of polished titanium.

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