Australian singer-songwriter Don Mai drops his new single, “Won’t Let You Down,” today.

Explaining the song’s inspiration, Mai says, “I was inspired to write ‘Won’t Let You Down’ because I was really into someone, but she had been through some bad relationships and had her walls up. Still to this day I’m not sure if she didn’t like me or if she just didn’t want to be hurt again. I was actually writing another song at the time but it wasn’t going anywhere, but as soon as I started writing this song, everything pieced together perfectly and we even finished the whole recording in one day.”

Mai began as a classical pianist, and admits he wasn’t really into it. So he started watching YouTube videos, learning how to play guitar and sing. As he progressed, he discovered a real passion for music, especially pop music. While attending university, he studied music performance and decided he wanted to make music more than a pastime.

Mai’s distinctive sound revolves around guitar and piano, while his lyrics come from his existing emotional state. When he merges the melody and lyrics, the song takes on a life of its own rather than Mai molding the tune to predetermined stylistic constraints. In other words, Mai doesn’t force the song into one genre or another.

“Won’t Let You Down” opens on a polished acoustic guitar topped by Mai’s evocative voice. When the rhythm kicks in, the tune assumes a charming pop flavor, riding a crisply thumping kick-drum and pulsing bassline. A gleaming guitar and sparkling piano infuse the music with smooth jangly colors. A tenderly soft breakdown leads into an iridescent finale, as the piano provides gorgeous glittering accents.

Mai’s voice, a velvety high tenor, imbues the lyrics with gracious elegant tones. When he goes falsetto, the timbres glow with radiant silky hues, rife with entrenched affection, giving the song gratifying allure.

“Won’t Let You Down” captivates listeners with soft intoxicating harmonics, an engaging rhythmic flow, and Don Mai’s dulcet falsetto.

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