Indie-pop/rock artist Cat Dail released a new music video not long ago. It’s called “Flow Zone,” from Dail’s most recent EP, Fight For Love.

Produced by Teddy Kumpel, the song features the talents of Cat Dail (vocals, guitar, percussion), Shawn Pelton (drums), Clark Gayton (trombone), and Teddy Kumpel (guitars, bass, percussion, backing vocals, midi-keys).

Since exploding on the music scene fronting her band Distant Cousins, which performed throughout NYC, including a residency at the Bitter End, as well as playing almost every college and club extant in the U.S, Dail has dropped five albums, appeared consistently at SXSW, had her music placed on TV and in films, and steered a variety of community-based programs, along with being the initial Board Chair of the Strike Anywhere Theater Ensemble.

“Flow Zone” opens on swirling psychedelic synths flowing into a tasty alt-rock melody flavored with elements of funk-lite. Glistening horn accents and skiffing guitar riffs infuse the tune with tight, compact sonic savors.

A rumbling, popping bassline and finessed drums give the rhythm an infectious flow, as Dail’s rich soft tones imbue the lyrics with cool, exuberant tones full of blissful relish.

“There’s a place I know / My favorite place to go / When I’m there I know / We strike a different tone / Puttin down the phone / Everything’s a go go go go go go / Out of my body and I’m out of my mind / Out of my own way and I’m losing track of time / It’s a new day! / Flow in the Zone / Flowing in the Zone.”

The interplay between Dail’s dulcet voice and the braying hues of the trumpet and trombone imbues the music with tantalizing textures, both nuanced and palpable, as does the psychedelic coloration of the jazzy solo, vibrating with surface colors and bubbly aromas.

“Flow Zone” pulsates with contagious energy, riding a potent rhythm supporting delicious funk washes, all topped by the charming voice of Cat Dail.

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