A Killer’s Confession (AKC) will drop their sophomore album, The Indifference of Good Men, October 18, via the Wake Up! Music label. The alt-metal outfit will release the first single, “Numb,” from the album September 20.

Through the benevolence of MyMy Lady G, founder and CEO of Wake Up! Music label, Tattoo was granted an advance preview of “Numb.” Right away, know this: “Numb” is lit.

Made up of vocalist Waylon Reavis, Morgan Bauer (drums), JP Cross (bass), Mark Alexander (guitar), and Brock Star (lead guitar), the band’s genesis occurred in Cleveland, in 2016. Reavis, who had fronted Mushroomhead since 2004, departed Mushroomhead in 2015, followed by creating his own band – A Killer’s Confession.

Shortly thereafter, A Killer’s Confession released the lead single, “A Killer’s Confession,” from their imminent debut album, Unbroken, set to drop on EMP, the label founded by Dave Ellefson, bassist for Megadeth. “A Killer’s Confession,” showcased Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch.

Unbroken dropped in 2017 to vast praise, as the band performed in front of sold-out multitudes. Unfortunately, the band’s contract with EMP lapsed. Yet the band refused to be brought to a halt. Instead, they self-released “Angel On The Outside,” followed by “I Wish” and “Reanimated,” amassing more than 2 million streams on Spotify.


AKC’s second album, The Indifference Of Good Men, was finished and ready to go at the beginning of 2019. The band began looking for a new label. Enter MyMy Lady G, who heard the band in 2018. Impressed, she initiated discussions with AKC’s then-manager, to no avail. During the spring of 2019, MyMy Lady decided to try again. Her tenacity paid off, as AKC became part of Wake Up! Music’s expanding roster of artists.

“Numb” opens on knife-like keyboards, full of glinting tension, flowing into escalating heavy guitars full of dark muscular energy riding a cavernously throbbing rhythm composed of pummeling percussion and a chunky bassline.

A breakdown rife with shimmering risk leads to thick deep textures capped by scintillating accents, infusing the tune with visceral colors. When the burly guitars ramp up to titanic levels, the harmonics exude an impenetrable wall-of-sound pressure, surging with hypertrophic gravity.

Reavis’ voice, potent, deliciously raspy, and full of wicked timbres, imbues the lyrics with intoxicating aches of passionate ferocity. It’s a grand voice, replete with palpable resolve, nuances of uneasiness, refined melodicism, and raw cutting edginess.

“Numb” is superb, vibrating with tumescent subterranean coloration and weighty rhythm, all crowned by the arresting voice of Waylon Reavis. There’s a sense of immediacy enveloping A Killer’s Confession and “Numb.” Intuition announces The Indifference Of Good Men will grace numerous Top 10 Albums of the Year lists, come December.

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