Austin, Texas indie-cumbia pop outfit Comos Las Movies premiere their new single, “¿YPQSP?,” on Tattoo. The song features sumptuous textures and stylish rhythms alluding to British New Wave and quixotic Son Jarocho songs traveling on heady cumbia.

Describing the song’s inspiration, Aguilar says, “As I was humming melodies while listening to the instrumental the lyrics ‘quiero dormir, quiero volar repartir mil abrazos’ popped up. This idea of ‘sleeping, dreaming, soaring through the sky and wanting to give a thousand hugs’ was refreshing; I felt like I was reconnecting with my childhood.”

Led by songwriter Nelson Valente Aguilar, who blends influences from norteno, traditional Latin folk, electronic, and pop elements into a scrumptious sound called Nuevo Wave, Comos Las Movies was formed in 2013. Made up of Aguilar, along with Rene Chavez (vocals), Jaguar (bass), and Alfredo Rios (percussion), the band has performed at SXSW and Cine Las Americas, as well as sharing the stage with Grupo Fantasma, Brown Out, Sotomayor, Santa Cecilia, Making Movies, and Nina Dioz.

In 2016, Como Las Movies hooked up with Mexican hip-hop star Nina Dioz on a remix of “Mierda,” accompanying her on her Texas tour. In 2018, Fania Records filmed the band’s tribute to Latin soul artist Ralfi Pagan.

Como Las Movies will celebrate the release of “¿YPQSP?” on October 26, performing at the Austin Brewing Co. with SXSW alumni, The Sour Notes.

“¿YPQSP?” opens on shimmering oscillating colors flowing into a tasty cumbia rhythm riding a fat popping bassline and crunching percussion, as the keyboards infuse the tune with oozing tones. Chavez’s rich delicious voice imbues the lyrics with soft crystalline textures and warm timbres.

A gleaming psychedelic breakdown leads to radiant washes of sparkling hues as glistening notes segue into a polished infectious guitar solo. Glowing background harmonies provide resonant surface colors, adding depth and suffusing dimension.

The combination of new wave flavors with pop cumbia delivers a contagious dance dynamic to “¿YPQSP? that’s irresistibly contagious, demanding listeners get up and move to the groove. The song is both upmarket tantalizing and full of beau coup undulating energy.

“¿YPQSP?” is gorgeously structured, discharging layers of attractive new wave surfaces underscored by the magnetic pulse of cumbia.

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