Coast-to-coast alt-rock outfit Ink to Spill releases the music video for “Where Went Josè?!,” a timely song probing the political uproar and emotional havoc surrounding immigration reform in the U.S.

Ink to Spill“Where Went Josè?!” relates the tale of Jose’, who is scooped by up ICE, processed, and deported to the country his parents left years ago. A poignant song exposing the stark reality confronting minors caught in the spider’s web known as DACA, “Where Went Josè?!” highlights a politically-charged, eccentric situation rife with momentous consequences.

With members sprinkled across the U.S., Ink to Spill is made up of Gus Reeves (lead vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar) and Ernie Adams (drums, percussion), who are joined by Bob Palmieri (lead guitar) for live performances, along with C’Quil (songwriting, production). In effect, the band creates virtually, utilizing modern technology and comes together when delivering live shows.

“Where Went Josè?!” opens on retro psychedelic colors flowing into grunge-flavored guitars vaguely reminiscent of Sound Garden fused with Alice In Chains. A visceral rhythm forges a potent matrix for the psych-rock melody imbued with bluesy aromas.

An oozing, braying organ infuses the song with stridently gleaming layers of color while tight, wafting vocals inject the lyrics with caustic redress.

“A lone, empty desk / With no nameplate today / Missing schoolmate / Absent for today’s play / And the children wonder / Where Went Josè?!”

A tight, searing guitar solo ramps the tune up to wickedly vicious levels, followed by a rapping-lite commentary pointing out the cruel absurdity of the games politicians play.

The video depicts images of children in school and protesters making their voices heard, followed by visuals of the powers-that-be appearing on television, giving speeches announcing policies uninformed by compassion.

With “Where Went Josè?!,” Ink to Spill delivers not only formidable surging alt-rock, but a vital question well-worth heeding – “Where Went Josè?!”

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