Sacramento’s rising pop star Serinity Lynn releases a new single, “U & Me,” a song about the thrill, passion, and ache of young love.

Serinity explains, “This song is inspired by events and conflicts that I come across in my life. Like all my music that I write, it’s romantic and simple and sweet. It’s interesting and leaves you wanting more.”

Only 18-years-old, Serinity began her musical career early, singing at the age of 5, performing for audiences in first-grade. By the time she was 8, she realized performing on stage was in her blood. She learned guitar and piano because she wanted to write and play her own music, which she began when she was 13-years-old.

Since then, she’s appeared at more than 200 events. Each successive performance served to enhance not only her confidence but her vocal technique and her instrumental virtuosity. An ardent DIYer, Serinity writes and arranges her songs, fueling her aspiration of being “the best I can as an artist and continue to write and develop my own songs and music.”

“U & Me” opens on spiraling, percolating colors topped by Serinity’s deliciously deluxe voice, reminiscent of Carly Rae Jepsen and Arianna Grande. A potent rhythm imbues the music with a contagious beat as gliding, swirling textures coast overhead, giving the melody a lush pop savor.

Expressive lyrics, simple yet infused with the wonder of love instill the song with the spine-tingling sensation and anticipation of romance.

“There’s a boy that is stuck in my head / Can’t explain the feeling that I have / My mind is overcome to think that he would ever feel the same / Then one day, oh, he would call / And we would talk all night.”

Chock-full of bright, buoyant flavors, “U & Me” dishes out yummy pop energy, highlighted by the beguiling voice of Serinity Lynn.

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