Bowen Goh has one of the most unique tattoo collections we have ever seen. Goh has taken a very different approach towards filling his body than most hardcore tattoo collectors as he often gets 10 or more tiny tattoos per session. With a few exceptions, he rarely spends more than a half hour or so on a single piece. We spoke with Goh about his motivations, the meaning behind some of his more bizarre tattoos and the outsize influence his grandmother has had on every part of his life, including his tattoo collection.

Welcome to Heavily Inked. In our newest series, we’re going to speak one-on-one with tattoo collectors and artists about what it means to be a heavily inked person. We’ll get deep as we go through the motivations behind their tattoo choices, the way they’ve been treated in society and much more.

Bowen Goh:

Presented by Mad Rabbit:


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